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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Analytics & Reporting

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been met with much confusion, since the term was initially presented several years ago. In simple terms it’s – optimising a site for maximum search engine visibility.  To do this you need to employ both Technology and Marketing principles to get maximum results.

To see if your SEO is getting results you need access to a simple, measurable Analytics Report to show trends, measure success, review new opportunities and monitor issues..

Analytics is one of the core areas that measure the success or failure of your website and/or marketing activities. Getting automated or custom reports presented in simple terms shows what is working, what is not, what are the opportunities and what can be improved.

We benchmark a website’s current status through existing analytics (or we install if missing), work with a customer to realise what reporting is valuable to the business. We then Implement custom reporting, dashboards, with events* to track activities that trigger a website action.

This information is then compiled into a tailored,  relevant Analytics Report, for Marketers,  IT and/or SEO to review,  measure and optomise the websites performance.

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