Don’t just sit there.  Targeted awareness lets your audience know you exist.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Deciding to engage with Search Engine Marketing isn’t always a simple decision.  What we would have suggested a few years ago isn’t what we would suggest today.  Mainly due to the competitive nature of Paid listings vrs Organic listings.

With paid listings becoming more promonent, combined with Merchant product listing and Google Plus –  even  a 1st position organic listing may be below the page view and not as effective as it once was.  Our observations see a similar click-through rate with Paid listings vrs 1st position listing for products and services.  Where brand search response is stronger with organic listings.

Costs can easily blow out if a campaign isn’t setup correctly and monitored for maximum return.

Our simplified steps to building a SEM program are:

  1. Review – Products / Services to create a SEM matrix.
  2. Profile customers – ‘search’ behaviour for these products / services from an existing site’s statistics or by traffic reports. 
  3. Website – audit to ascertain if it meets profile expectations (content + device).  Addition of goals and event tracking to show conversions.
  4. Advert creation  – for qualtiy direct response (quality NOT quantity).
  5. Keyword list – creation based on profile
  6. Testing Phase – for a limited period to gain actionable response. Time depends upon popularity of search.
  7.  Analysis – reviewing performance, quality scores, click rates and budgets.  Impliment ‘negative keywords’ and optimise keywords trending good results.
  8. Maintenance -with weekly or monthly performance review to tweak camplaign for maximum RIO

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