Taking the correct steps to building an Analytics & Reporting program will provide better outcomes and will ensure the information you get back can be used successfully to build your online business.

These steps include:

  • Business Objectives
  • Planning and Implementing
  • Maintenance

The first place to start is defining your business purpose and how it goes about it.

As an example we’re using a Loudspeaker company whose mission is ‘Striving to help people better appreciate and enjoy music through innovative Australian designed speakers and nurture there love of music.

We then outline the Strategy and tactics taken to achieve this objectives. This would be to sell speakers online and drive people to their dealers. And nurture the enjoyment of music though posts to their Facebook account.

How do you measure this? Set ‘key performance indicators’ (KPIs) to benchmark the success or failure of your program.

In this example it would be ‘commerce revenue’ on the website, Dealer listing ‘engagement’ on the website and frequency and reach of Facebook posts and if posts are ‘shared’ or ‘liked’?

You would then look at the marketing segments that impact upon your objectives, such as SEO, Search, Display, Merchant, Email, QR codes etc… Plus maybe new versus returning customer habits and/or Geographic locations performance. These would vary based on the objectives above.

Finally set KPI targets to work towards. This will provide a solid indication if targets are being met and if your strategies or tactics are working or not.

This will entail taking your overall business objectives above and implementing specific tracking, goals, ecommerce, filters, tracking and reports on your website Analytics. Most can be derived with basic configuration, although some may need event tracking or other consideration.

With your KPIs in hand you can review custom reports of website’s performance. Create a schedule to review and update reports in the future, as this needs to be done regularly as technology changes and visitor behaviour changes over time.