Using email is a powerful tool when marketing an event. You may have a customer list, previous attendee list, prospect list or all three.

What do you do next….

First start with a communication program/strategy.

A good place to start is below:

1. Save the Date / teaser
2. Early bird
3. Early bird closing
4. Early bird ext…
5. Early bird close today.
6. Core benefits
7. Agenda
8. About speaker(s)
9. Registrations closing
10. Registrations extended.
11. Rego closed today.
12. Rego’s on day (optional)

13. Reminder and Parking (for attendees) SMS / Email.

14. Thank You / feedback (attendees)
15. Assets (attendees)
16. Sorry you couldn’t make it with Assets (non attendees)

Make sure you are clear on the purpose of the program. Is it lead generation or acquisition.

You may segment your list into one or more targeted groups as above to communicate directly to get a maximum response. Lead generation with a register interest, Previous attendees / customers may get ‘register now’

Make sure your ‘Call to Action’ CTA is clear and motivating based on where you are in the program.

Having a ‘register your interest’ page with form for lead generation works well to qualify and quantify your marketing activities.

Your ‘secure’ payment page would benefit with a ‘pay now’ or ‘invoiced me’ option to maximise response. Maybe a ‘pay in instalment’ option for more expensive programs.

If prospects registered their interest by didn’t convert you can contact them directly by phone to promo registration.

Don’t forget other online marketing opportunities to build awareness and response such as.

Re-marketing (B2B & B2C) mandatory in our opinion
Linked in sponsored Ads (B2B)
Facebook (B2C & B2B)
Targeted Display Advertising
Search Marketing

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